Our private small group personal training program (2 - 6 participants) will focus on the participants technical base.  Our focus will be to develop the players first touch, dribbling, receiving and ball striking skills.

In order for players to improve thier game, it is essential to work hard and polish the technical skills, develop coordination, and technical speed.  

Ball Mastery is such an important field, since it’s one of the basics of all soccer skills, as the key to the ability to:

  • - familiarize with the ball and develop first touch 

  • - receive the ball along the ground and in the air

  • - control and manipulate the ball in different directions

  • - be able to strike and pass the ball with all surfaces

  • - learn feints and unpredictable movements

  • - train the week foot and be able to use it effectively


2 participants - $95 per participant

3 participants - $80 per participant

4 participants - $70 per participant

5 participants - $60 per participant

6 participants - $50 per participant

* Each session is 60 minutes

* Participants must commit to a minimum of 4 sessions.

Please contact [email protected] for more information or call 703.309.5621 to set up your private small group session.